March 20, 2018


Icon received from Athenoxat-1 telemetry


March 18, 2018


Working Falconsat-3 with hardware TNC is piece of cake. compared to combination of multi-software to read data and keying the rig .

TX LINE -WISP-> HW VSP-> SOUMDMODEM -> 9600 DATA --> Keying circuit

I succeed to upload a message to FS-3 .
 Also got the "NO -5" errors.when I requesting the Dir.

Other problem during handshake, the transmitter noise desensitization (desense)  the SDR receiving signal . (instead dozens  ferrite choke on every wire and coax ). All equipment has a decent earthing too.

March 8, 2018

The FalconSAT-3 satellite..

 The FalconSAT-3 satellite Packet Bulletin Board System
 Packet Bulletin Board System is active .

The FalconSAT-3 satellite is in a 35.4 degree inclination orbit, with an approximate altitude of 465 to 476 km. The Packet Bulletin Board System is operating at 9600 baud with a 145.840 uplink, and 435.103 downlink. Output power is 1 watt, and the downlink is continuously on. Current Keplerian elements can be found in the AMSAT distributed Keplerian elements. More information can be found at

CAS-4A & CAS-4B satellites beacon

CAS-4A ACTIVE BEACON @145.835 MODE 4k8 FSK AX.25 Callsign BJ1SK
CAS-4B ACTIVE BEACON @145.890 MODE 4k8 FSK AX.25 Callsign BJ1SL

March 1, 2018

Falconsat-3 satellite back to business !!!

Great job AMSAT-NA. 👍Thanks.
Falconsat-3 satellite perfectly back to business .